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Blue Brain



Blue mind ” -The name is given Word’s virtual account first time. That way a device which could characteristic like a human brain. Today scientists are in studies to create an artificial perception that can assume, response, take a choice and maintain something in memory. The principal aim is to upload a human brain into the machine. So that man can assume, decide with none effort.

When our body is useless, then the digital mind will act just like the man. Even after the give up of someone, we will no longer lose the information, intelligence, personalities, emotions and recollections of that man who can use for the development of the human society.

No one has ever understood the complexity of human mind. It is complicated than any circuitry within the international. When a man does not have a tool called a pc, it turned into a big query for all.But these days it’s far viable due to the technology. Technology is developing quicker than everything.


How is it possible?

First, it is beneficial to explain the fundamental manners wherein someone can upload to a pc. Raymond Kurzweil these days furnished an interesting paper on this subject matter. In it, he describes both invasive and noninvasive techniques. The maximum promising is the use of tiny robots or nanobots. These robots will be small sufficient to journey in the course of our circulatory

Traveling into the spine and brain, they may be capable of revealing the hobby and structure of our expensive nervous machine. They can be capable of providing an interface with computers this is as near as our mind can be while we nonetheless live in our organic shape. Nanobots may also cautiously test the way of our mind, imparting an entire readout of the connections among every neuron. They could additionally record the contemporary state of mind. This statistics, while entered right into a laptop, could then retain to feature like us.

All that is required is a laptop with tremendous enough storage area and processing strength. Is the sample and state of neuron connections in our brain without a doubt all that makes up our conscious selves? Many humans believe firmly those we possess a soul, at the same time as a few very technical humans consider that quantum forces contribute to our attention. But we have to assume technically now. Note, but, that we need not realise how the mental capabilities, to transfer it to a pc. We want only to see the media and contents. The real thriller of ways we accomplished consciousness inside the first place, or how we maintain it, is a separate dialogue.

Uploading human mind:

Uploading is viable handiest while if we use small robots known as the Nanobots. These robots are small sufficient to journey all through our circulatory device. Going into the spine and mind, they’ll be able to display the activity and shape of our primary anxious system. It could be able to put in force an interface with computers this is as near as our mind can be while we nonetheless are living in our organic form. Nanobots could also cautiously test the shape of our mind, presenting a complete readout of the connections. Our common database it locates that if we entered into a computer, could then maintain to feature like us. Thus the records stored in the whole mind may be uploaded to the laptop.




1. We can take into account things without any effort.

2. The selection can gain without the presence of someone.

Three. Even after the death of a person his intelligence can use.

4. The activity of various animals can be understood. That means via interpretation of the electrical impulses from the mind of the animals; their thinking can explain fast.

5. It would permit the deaf to hear thru direct nerve stimulation, and additionally be useful for plenty mental diseases. By downloading the contents of the brain that became uploaded to the laptop, the man can put off the madness.


Further, there are many new dangers those technologies will open. We can be at risk of new kinds of damage.

1. We come to established upon the pc systems.

2. Others can also use technical understanding towards us

3. An increasingly essential hazard when pc viruses will posture.

4. The real risk, but, is the worry that humans will have new technology. That concern may additionally culminate in a considerable resistance. Clear evidence of this kind of situation is observed nowadays concerning human cloning.



1. A supercomputer.

2. Memory with a vast storing capability.

3. Processor with very excessive processing power.

4. A widespread network.

5. Which convert the electric impulses from the brain to input sign, which is to be acquired by way of the laptop, and vice versa its miles all executed via a software.

6. Very useful Nanobots to act because the interface between the natural brain and the laptop



In the end, we can be able to transfer ourselves into computer systems in some unspecified time in the future. Evidence towards this final results is outwardly smooth to bypass. They are both easy-minded or merely require similar time for technology to grow. The best extreme threats raised also are triumph over as we are aware the combination of organic and digital technologies.

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