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Determine the Quantity of Casein in Milk



The intention is To decide the quantity of Casein found in different samples of milk. Natural milk is an opaque white fluid Secreted with the aid of the mammary glands of a Female mammal. The major parts of natural milk are Protein, Carbohydrate, Mineral Vitamins, Fats and Water and is an entire balanced weight loss plan.

Fresh milk is sweetish in taste. However, while it’s far stored for a long term at a temperature of 5 degrees it becomes sour due to bacteria gift inside the air. These microorganisms convert lactose of milk into lactic acid which is bitter in flavor. In acidic condition casein of milk starts keeping apart out as a precipitate. When the acidity in milk is enough and the temperature is around 36 degrees, it bureaucracy a semi-solid mass, known as curd.

Casein is found in milk as calcium caseinate within the form of micelles. These micelles have a poor rate and on including an acid to take advantage of, the negative expenses are neutralized.

Milk is an entire eating routine as it contains in its proteins, starches, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water. Average structure of drain from various sources is given below.



  1. Casein is the primary protein constituent gives the milk and is a mixed phosphor-protein.
  2. Casein has isoelectric pH of approximately 4.7 and may be without problems separated around this pH.
  3. It with ease dissolves in dilute acids and alkalies.


Materials Required:

Containers (250 ml), channel paper, glass-pole, measure box, filtration-cup, Buchner-pipe, water pump, test-tubes porcelain dish, burner, distinctive examples of Milk, 1% acidic corrosive arrangement, soaked ammonium sulfate arrangement.



  1. Take a clean dry beaker, put into it 20cc of goat âs milk and add 20 ml of saturated ammonium sulphate solution slowly and with stirring. Fat along with casein will be precipitate out from the solution.
  2. Filter the solution and transfer the precipitates in another beaker.
  3. Add about 30 ml of water to the precipitate.
  4. Only casein dissolves in water forming milky solution leaving fat undissolved.
  5. Very carefully Heat may be apply on the solution of milk to about 40°C and add 1% acetic acid solution drop wise, when casein gets precipitated.
  6. Filter the ppt., wash with water, and let the ppt. dry.
  7. Weigh the dry solid mass in a previously weighed watch glass.
    Take a other samples of milk and Repeat the experiment.


Observation Table

If an acid is added to milk, the negative charge is neutralized and the neutral protein precipitated out.
Ca+2 (Casemated) + 2CH3 COOH(aq) Casein(s)+(CH3COO)2 Ca (aq)
Volume of milk taken in each case = 20 ml.



Different samples of milk incorporate a unique percent of Casein.



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