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Cold Nuclear Fusion

What are Nuclear Fusion

Particles (not rays) originating space constantly bombarding Earth’s atmosphere

Protons, electrons, neutrinos, or atomic nuclei

It may be occurs during Radiation


Rotating neutron stars, supernovae, and black holes
Solar, Galactic, Extra galactic, Ultra-High- Energy, and Anomalous


The objective was to check if I may produce AN alternate energy supply employing a cold nuclear fusion reaction. I used a technique just like that of the documented nuclear fusion reaction experiment by Drs. Fleischmann and neural structure. If it’s achieved, cold nuclear fusion reaction may give an almost limitless energy supply.

Although nuclear fusion reaction has been confirmed by many analysis laboratories, it’s been pink-slipped by others and, hence, has not irrefutably been verified to achieve success.


How to Do and what’s required?

I used many variations of water. However, I’ll specialize in the answer referred to as heavy water (D2O). I poured D20 into a jar and inserted a measuring instrument and 2 electrodes (platinum anode, metallic element cathode) connected to an influence provide.

I sent electricity through the D20, that bust down into hydrogen atom and Oxygen.The atoms were ionizing by electrons and emotional to the conductor opposite their charge.

Negatively charged oxygen emotional to the positive anode, whereas charged hydrogen atom emotional to the negative cathode.

Had the experiment been triple-crown, the hydrogen atom would have targeted within the metallic element.

This high concentration would are enough for the nuclei to the touch, inflicting the hydrogen atom atoms to bond with each other, forming a noble gas.

In addition, this method would have free energy within the sort of heat.


What can be the result?

I did three tests, every involving a distinct resolution. I used regular water and H2O as a basis for comparison against the D2O.
In the take a look at with D2O, the temperature solely rose one degree (F). this flowing through the answer fluctuated. I burned the collected gas, showing that stable noble gas had NOT been created. These factors indicate that no fusion reaction occurred.


Summary of this Project

In our experiment shows that fusion cannot be accomplished victimization this explicit methodology. The hydrogen atom gas didn’t condense enough to fuse. additional work is needed before nuclear fusion reaction will be generated by this method.

If I were to repeat this experiment, I might get additional heavy water thus I may perform additional tests, victimization completely different variables. I might conjointly add metallic element salt to my solution resolution rather than salt. metallic element salt would greatly improve conduction, which might allow a much better likelihood of fusion occurring.




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