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Evaporation Sensation Project



The Objective: This project investigates the effect of incandescent mild bulb color upon the evaporating rate of rubbing alcohol. In my experiment, I took an incandescent light bulb, became it on, dropped one drop of rubbing alcohol close to the bulb, and found the time required to evaporate the drop of alcohol.



Four exclusive coloured incandescent light bulbs (blue, green, red, white – all have been 25 watts)were turned on one-at-a-time when I dropped the alcohol drop onto the index card, which used to be placed 4 cm. from specific bulb for each test.
I used a stopwatch to time how long it took the alcohol drop to evaporate.
I repeated the test 10 times with each mild bulb. There were forty assessments altogether.



The green incandescent light bulb took the longest time (4 minutes and forty eight seconds) to evaporate the alcohol, the blue bulb was once next (4 minutes and 26 seconds), then the white (3 minutes and 57 seconds), and the pink bulb received at three minutes and forty five seconds.

The purple bulb evaporated the alcohol in the shortest amount of time. These had been the common times for tests two via ten.



My conclusion was once that the red incandescent light bulb triggered the rubbing alcohol to evaporate the fastest. The purple incandescent mild bulb had an average time of three minutes and 45 seconds.

This undertaking is to determine which colored incandescent light bulb will make the rubbing alcohol evaporate the fastest.




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