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Determining How many Particle in Air Sample



The Objective: The cause of the mission changed into to correlate the form of particles in a pattern through studying their laser mild scattering homes. The speculation turned into that it is going to be possible to correlate the type of particles by measuring the laser light scattering homes.



A circular tube was installation so that air circulated via it and a laser changed into pointed through a gap in the tube. The digital camera changed into the installation at an attitude to the laser beam.

The air changed into first wiped clean by using placing a clear out on the in the valve. Three photos were taken of the “smooth” air as a manipulate. A sample was then placed inside the inside the valve and the fan became on.

Four photographs have been taken off the air with the pattern in it. The pictures were then downloaded onto the computer and the program become used to discover the brightness of the beam for each attitude quantity. The values have been then graphed.



The graphs of the brightness vs. angle number have been different for all four samples. When the air changed into clean, there has been almost no brightness. The graphs of the flour and sawdust both peaked at a brightness degree of 255, which became the digital camera’s limit.



The position changed into partly accurate. Using the gear to be available, it is extremely difficult to measure genuine particle length. The installation changed into certainly not touchy sufficient.

It becomes viable to use the opposite set up and locate the intensities of the beam at exceptional angles. By plotting those on a graph, you can actually see a difference in their graphs.

The samples whose composition changed into extra uniform had smoother graphs even as the samples that had large particles mixed with smaller particles had a greater distinction between the highs and the lows.

Once the graphs of a sure particle are discovered, they may be as compared with a graph of an unknown substance and then matched to determine what the unknown substance is. In that way, it’s miles possible to decide the type of debris in a pattern by means of the use of laser light scattering.

This task is to find whether the relative length of a particle may be decided with the aid of the scattering of laser light and to correlate the sort of debris in a pattern with their depth vs. Perspective graphs.



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