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Solar Cells



The Objective: The objective of the undertaking is to determine if dye-sensitized sun cells that enforce berry pigments absorb greater sun electricity than dye-sensitized solar cells that put into effect leaf pigments.



  1. Eight dye-sensitized solar cells had been made, implementing raspberry pigments, two implementing blueberry pigments, imposing blackberries, and two solar cells imposing lemon leaf pigments.
  2. The sun dye-sensitized sun cells had been put below fluorescent lighting for ten minutes allowing sun absorption for 3 trials.
  3. The solar cells had been examined for voltage by way of using a multimeter.
  4. The amount of voltage obtained by way of the berry solar cells became in comparison to the amount of voltage acquired by the leaf solar cells.


The berry solar cells acquired a better individual and average amount of acquired voltage than the leaf solar cells.
The common amount of voltage acquired by means of all the dye-sensitized solar cells that implemented berry pigments became zero.401 volts even as the dye-sensitized solar cells that implemented berry pigments received an average of zero.258 volts.



The berry pigments completed better in the solar cells for extraordinary motives. For example, the berry dye containing anthocyanins reacted nicely with electrolyte injection and titanium dioxide. Furthermore, the leaf pigments, specifical chlorophyll, die off quick, want to be produced regularly in a plant, and are designed to have much less absorption capacity due to the fact that they cowl the majority of the surface area of maximum flora.

In the extraordinary state, we find that the pigment systems of anthocyanins, the berry pigments, absorb greater photons and the blue-inexperienced and green mild of the spectrum. This manner the pigments reflect the crimson give up of the spectrum, ensuing in a better depth of absorption. The information suggests that dye-sensitized sun cells that enforce berry pigments absorb greater sun power than dye-sensitized sun cells that put in force leaf pigments.

This mission proposes Dye-sensitized sun cells imposing berry pigments and leaf pigments had been made and examined under fluorescent lighting fixtures, ensuing in the end that the berry solar cells obtained extra sun electricity than people who used leaf pigments.




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