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Testing of Sound Decay



The Objective: Sound decay is a subject that has not been profoundly examined by mainstream researchers. I would like to increase that know-how in each myself and others, so with my experiment, I would love to explore the elements of sound decay, and whether or not or no longer it varies directly with the density of the environment it is being tested in.
I would love to look a constant half of-life for sound for each trial examined within the identical conditions, and a varying half of-lifestyles in all the unique assessments, both descending or ascending consecutively.


Methods and Materials

I examined the sound decay of a 127 Hz tuning fork inside of a bell jar dome. The tuning fork turned into suspended from a stand on the inner, and the bell jar was tilted so the tuning fork would swing and hit a mallet adhered to the bell jar lid.
The ensuing sound became recorded by a microphone attached to a pc, the use of volts and seconds for units.
The ensuing sound curve would be analyzed and the half of existence of the sound decided. 3 gases have been used, every at one-of-a-kind pressures.

The basic type of gases are available theses are carbon dioxide, helium, and air ( nitrogen and oxygen gas mixture) and they have been every tested at 10, 20, and 30 inches of mercury. An additional trial in vacuum become additionally tested.



The outcomes of this test proved to be very thrilling.
Half-lifestyles whilst tested in air at 30 inches of mercury: three.Eighty-five seconds
Half-life while tested in air at 20 inches of mercury: 7.15 seconds
Half-life when tested in air at 10 inches of mercury: five.7 seconds
Half-lifestyles when examined in carbon dioxide at 30 inches of mercury: 1.2 seconds
Half-existence when tested in carbon dioxide at 20 inches of mercury: zero.75 seconds
Half-life while tested in carbon dioxide at 10 inches of mercury: zero.Nine seconds
These consequences have been not ascending or descending consecutively, which led me to my end.



According to my experiment, It was found that sound decay does reality change without delay to the density of the gas it is transmitted thru, however, that isn’t the handiest factor that impacts sound#s half of-life.
This topic requires research, regarding more complex troubles than density, consisting of the gases capability to resonate sound (especially while working with extraordinary pressures).
The gases itself have the property to appear in perfect pressures: pressures in which sound is transmitted with the maximum comfort. This concept, however, requires extra in-intensity take a look at.
The project examined the decay of sound emitted from a tuning fork to test the correlation between sound decay and density of the fuel it’s far being examined in.


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