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Function of Zener Diode in Voltage Regulator



The strength property which we use may not be capable to grant us normal voltage. This may moreover have an effect on the proper functioning of the digital tool. The Zener diode is a unique sort of diode having a sharp reduce off voltage for the duration of reverse biasing. At the minimize off voltage, it conducts to large values of cutting-edge, however the voltage stays at consistent values. Even the input voltage varies or the exterior load varies, the output voltage remains at a consistent price. Such Zener diode voltage regulators are used in particular in voltage stabilizers, T.V’s and so forth.

In general, digital circuits use tubes or transistors for a source of d.C. Strength. In the exercise, d.C electricity for electronic circuits is most effectively obtained from commercial a.C traces via the usage of rectifier filter device referred to as a d.C strength supply.

A regular or unregulated d.C energy deliver contains a rectifier and a filter circuit. The output from the rectifier is a pulsating d.C. These pulsations are because of the presence of a.C. An issue of the rectifier output. The filter circuit gets rid of the a.C. Issue in order that regular d.C voltage is obtained across the weight.



A rheostat is an electrical aspect that has an adjustable resistance. It is a kind of potentiometer that has terminals in place of three. The two important varieties of rheostat are the rotary and slider. The image for a rheostat is a resistor symbol with an arrow diagonally throughout it. Rheostats are used in lots of exclusive packages from light dimmers to the motor controllers in big business machines.


Rheostat Construction:-

Most rheostats are the wire wound type that has an extended period of conductive wire coiled right into a tight spiral. The linear type has a straight coil, even as the rotary type has the coil curved right into a torus to keep space. The bloodless and contacts are sealed inside the case to shield them from dust, which can reason an open circuit and from moisture, that can purpose a quick circuit. Rheostats may be crafted from different substances including carbon disks, metal ribbons, or even sure fluids. As long as a material has a substantial resistance trade over a quick duration, it is able to likely be used to make a rheostat.


How Rheostat works:-

The basic rule of our procedure is that rheostats used are Ohm’s law which states that brand new is inversely proportional to resistance for a given voltage. This method that the modern day decreases because the resistance increases or it increases as the resistance decreases. Current enters the rheostat via one of its terminals, flows thru the twine coil and make contact with, and exits through the opposite terminal. Rheostat does now not have polarity and operates the identical while the terminals reversed. Three terminal potentiometers may be used as rheostats with the aid of connecting the unused third terminal to the contact terminal.



When the opposite bias on a crystal diode is increased, a critical voltage, known as the breakdown voltage is reached in which the opposite modern will increase sharply to an excessive cost. The exceptional rationalization of this breakdown of the junction turned into first given by means of the American scientist C. Zener. Therefore the breakdown voltage is now and again referred to as, Zener voltage and the sudden boom in modern is known as Zener current.
The breakdown of Zener voltage relies upon the quantity of doping.The breakdown of Zener voltage relies upon the quantity of doping. If the diode is intently doped, a depletion layer may be skinny and therefore, the breakdown of the junction will manifest at a decrease reverse voltage. On the alternative hand, a lightly doped diode has a greater breakdown voltage. When a regular crystal diode is well doped so that it has a pointy smash down voltage, it is recognized as Zener diode.



6.2 V, four hundred mW Zener diode.
Unregulated Power delivery of approximately 16 V
10 K? Resistance field
Circuit board and so forth.


Procedure :

A Zene diode is like a normal diode except that it’s miles properly doped so as to have a pointy breakdown voltage.
A Zener diode is usually opposite connected, ie, it’s far always opposite biased.
A Zener diode has sharp ruin down voltage, referred to as Zener voltage.
When forward biased, its traits are just the ones of the everyday diode.
The Zener diode isn’t right away burnt first as it has entered the breakdown vicinity. As long because the external circuit related to the diode limits the diode modern to much less than burn out the price, the diode will no longer burn out.




Voltage Regulator Using Zener Diode

i) A voltage regulator using Zener diode is built and its load and line variation is studied.
Ii) Zener Voltage is = 6.2 V




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