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Tag: Chemical Engineering Seminar Topics 2018

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Gamma Ray Spectroscopy No ratings yet.

Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Summary What a gamma-ray will interact with its medium is considered one of three exclusive approaches: photoelectric absorption, Compton scattering, and pair production. These more than a few interactions trade their probability of occurring depending on the power of the gamma-ray and the tiny quantity of the fabric. Photoelectric Absorption In the […]

Nanobiomaterials for Biosensing No ratings yet.

Nanobiomaterials for Biosensing   Abstract Nanomaterial utilises nanoscale engineering and method integration of current substances to develop better materials and products. Functions of nanomaterials have made their presence strongly felt in various areas like healthcare, implants, and prostheses; energy generation; smart textiles, and conservation with the heat generating materials and tremendously efficient batteries, defence, protection, […]

Polymer Processing No ratings yet.

Polymer Processing   Abstract Polymeric materials – usually called plastics in popular usage – are ubiquitous in modern life. Applications range from film to textile fibres to complex electronic interconnects to structural units in automobiles and aeroplanes to orthopaedic implants. Polymers are giant molecules, consisting of hundreds/thousands of connected monomers, or primary chemical groups; a […]

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