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The development of plastic cash is one in every one of the distinctive Phenomena within the banking sector. Plastic cash may be a banking card. it’s an on the spot charge toward the limit sectional. it’s a debt device issued by some specific organizations.

Project Report on Debit and Credit Cards

It is one success towards the cashless and chequeless community. The operation is thru electronic funds transfer installations and inter-bank network. Credit cards ar essential to the gap of bank accounts for daily payments by the cardholders. MasterCard has been justly known as “PLASTIC MONEY”. the aim is to supply convenience and security. It eliminates money transactions and protects from the danger of pickpocketing tons of money. there’s typically interest-free credit for thirty to 45 days.

These plastic cards have the image identification and holders signature adorned on the cardboard. It conjointly has the issue banks name and validity amount of the cardboard. The bank issue the mastercard is aware of well the client and his trustiness. Basically, the employment of credit cards helps the holder to require advantage of the 2 essential aspects of the monetary services functions:

1. unharness of payments

2. The granting of credit.

Carrying Credit cards are innovative ones within the line of monetary services offered by industrial banks. A province FARMER initial promoted the concept of the mastercard, FRANZ NESBITUM rate NAMARA, Associate in Nursing yank bourgeois United Nations agency found himself while not money at a weekend resort supported Dinners card in 1950. Right from that point, the industrial banks and non-banking corporations within the USA developed the concept of the mastercard to make their business. BARCLAYS BANK was the primary bank to introduce mastercard in 1966 in UK. The mastercard business got momentum in 60’s, and lots of banks entered the sector in a very huge method.


A Mastercard may be a card or device that allows to buy product, travel and eat in an edifice while not creating instant payments. The holders will use the cards to credit from banks unto 45 days. The mastercard relieves the client from the botheration money and secures safety. it’s a comfort Associate in Nursing extended credit informally. Thus, the mastercard may be a allow to, SAFETY, CONVENIENCE, PRESTIGE, AND CREDIT.


The general principle applied may be a person disbursement capability and not just his financial gain and his wealth. the opposite criterion is that the goodness of the client and his average monthly balance. Most of the banks have filter out the norms for giving the credit cards.

  1. I. an individual in India earns a remuneration of Rs. 60,000/ once a year is eligible for a card
  2. A reference from a banker and also the employers of the individual is inquired toward.
  3. He ought to have a current bank account within the bank.
  4. His assets and liabilities on a specific date ar involving the bank.
  5. A statement of annual or monthly financial gain.
  6. He is thought of trusty upon to bound limit relying upon his financial gain, assets, and investment. The eligible client is asked to fill in form giving the main points of the account variety, name, address, income, wealth standing and an indication of his income/wealth, etc.

Project Report on Plastic Money


Every credit card bears the following particulars:

1. NAME OF THE CUSTOMER: Every card displays the name of the customer. It should be spelled correctly. In case, it does not; the customer can contact the customer service cell/helpline and get the necessary correction done. This facility is provided free of cost by the bank.

2. 16-DIGIT CARD NUMBER: A unique 16 digit number is specified to every customer/ cardholder.

3. VALIDITY DATE: The card mentions the period through which it is valid. The card is usually valid since the customer receives it unto and including the last day of the month indicated on the card. After the card has to be replaced.

4. THE VISA HOLOGRAM AND THE VISA LOGO: The hologram and the logo ensure that all the establishments throughout out the world displaying the visa logo will accept the card.

5. NAME OF THE ISSUING BANK: The card indicates on the top the name of the issuing bank.

6. SIGNATURE PANEL: The back of the card contains the signature panel. The customer must put his signature on the signature panel to prevent misuse by any other person. The identifies the cardholder. Name on the card would imply that holder has given his consent to abide by the terms and conditions ruling the use of the credit card. The card is valid is just if signed.

7. MAGNETIC STRIP: The black magnetic strip contains relevant information encoded from and needs special handling. The card should not be kept in an area where there is a continuous magnetic field. It should not be left on the top the television. Set or near any electronic appliance. The card should be kept away from heat and direct sunlight.

8. PIN (PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER): Each cardholder has issued a password or pin to enable the use of the card for accessing his/her card account on the ATM and internet and also for availing any opportunity, benefit or service that may be offered by the bank on the card. The pin is disclosed to the cardholder entirely at his/her risk who shall not disclose the pin to any person and shall take all possible care to avoid its discovery by any person. The cardholder shall be liable for all transactions made with the use of the pin whether with or without the knowledge of the cardholder.

9. Payment Deadline: One of the standard rules of intelligent credit card use is to pay on time, every time. If you have many credit cards and have a hard time keeping track of all the deadlines, it performs a lot of sense to keep a monthly alarm on your phone or calendar for each of your credit card deadlines, to make sure that you are never late.

10. Never withdraw cash from the credit card: First off, you are going to be charged 2% to 4% of your withdrawal amount as a cash advance fee. Finally, you don’t get an interest-free petition period on your credit card cash advances.

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PROJECT REPORTS ON PLASTIC MONEY / DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS The development of plastic cash is one in every one of the distinctive Phenomena within the banking sector. Plastic cash may be a banking card. it’s an on the spot charge toward the limit sectional. it’s a debt device issued by some specific organizations. Project […]

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