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Diode No ratings yet.

Diode A diode is also known as a device that exclusively permits unidirectional flow of current if the diode operated at a particular voltage level. Diodes only block current in the reverse direction whereas the reverse voltage is within a restricted vary and if not backward barrier breaks and conjointly the energy at that this […]

Smart Card No ratings yet.

Smart Card About Smart Card The smart card build up of the microchip integrated on it, and the bright card is made up of synthetic plastic, and the integrated chip in it is capable of saving the information and also it carries the data between the users. The Card’s data transferred to a reader which […]

Satellite Communication No ratings yet.

Satellite Communication   Satellite Communication The outer space has every time enchanted people on the earth and the exchange of information through area developed as an offshoot of suggestions for the space travel. The old idea of availing artificial satellites to exchange information was found in a science fiction called Brick Moon which was published […]

Touchscreen Technology No ratings yet.

Touchscreen Technology   Summary A touch screen defined by computer display screen or screen with a panel that is also an input device. The screen is sensitive to pressure; a user interacts with the computer by touching pictures or words on the screen. Touchscreen technology makes it possible to communicate with a computer system using […]

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