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Automatic Saw Cutting No ratings yet.

Automatic Saw Cutting SYNOPSIS Automatic, Saw Cutting is to cut the metals and woods automatically without human resources.   PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Automatic Saw Cutting project is beneficial in the industrial companies. In industrial groups, there is need to cut the metals and woods to a different shape. By using human resources it takes many times, […]

Auto Braking System No ratings yet.

Auto Braking System   Synopsis Design the automatic braking system for avoiding the accident   Scope: This project is necessary to be attached to every vehicle. Mainly it is used when to driving the cars in the night time. Mostly the accident occurred in the night time due to long travel the driver may get […]

Nuclear Microbatteries No ratings yet.

Nuclear Microbatteries   Summary Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) include a rapidly expanding research field with potential utilisation varying from sensors in airbags, wrist-worn GPS receivers, and matchbox size digital cameras to more recent optical applications. Depending on the application, these devices often require an onboard power source for remote operation, especially in cases requiring […]

Job Analysis No ratings yet.

Job Analysis   Job Analysis is a process which used by professionals in the field of HUMAN RESOURCES and INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY to describe the nature of a position or set of views. It can be a thorough, time-consuming process, or it can be relatively quick, depending on the purpose of the user and researcher. Job […]

Polymer Modified Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete No ratings yet.

Polymer Modified Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete   Abstract Polymer cement concretes muscular tensile strength, excellent ductile behaviour and high impact resistance capability due to the formation of a three-dimensional polymer network through the hardened cementitious matrices. Because of the void-filling effect of this system. Also, it’s bridging crosswise over cracks, the porosity. Also decreases pore […]

Rubber No ratings yet.

Rubber   Abstract Rubber is a plastic material; rubber may be spread, cemented, calendered, moulded, extruded, caulked, puttied, or wrapped into virtually any shape. Rubber can be coated with cloth, metal, plastic or forced into cracks. Rubber is a sturdy fabric; rubber requires heavy equipment for forming and fabricating. The enormous warmness generated during the […]

Biofiltration No ratings yet.

Biofiltration   Abstract Airstreams can be purified by passing them through a biologically active filter medium to destroy organic and inorganic contaminants. It is especially useful for low concentrations of VOCs and inorganic chemicals (e.g., sulfur compounds). It has proven helpful for mixed waste air streams and especially applicable for odour reduction. Heavily halogenated compounds […]

Biodiesel No ratings yet.

Biodiesel Abstract Bio-diesel is An vegetable oil transformed should look like diesel fuel. That maximum utilization of nut oil might have been constructed In 1895 Toward Dr Rudolf diesel himself (1858-1913), who predicted- “The utilization of vegetable oils motor fills might appear inconsequential today. Be that as such oils might turn in the course of […]

Bio-metrics No ratings yet.

Biometrics Abstract Biometrics system defines the automatic identification of a person based on his/her physiological or behavioural characteristics such as finger scan, retina, iris, voice scan, signature scan etc. This method of identification preferred over traditional methods involving passwords and PIN numbers for various reasons: The person to be identified is required to be physically […]

Modems and ISDN No ratings yet.

Modems and ISDN Summary The modern telephone system is designed to carry the sound of a human voice talking usually. The engineers save money by cutting out the high a low pitch sounds that occur only in music, or sounds that last for a brief period. Modems convert data into sound so that it can […]

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