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Working Capital Management Project


WORKING CAPITAL – Meaning of Working Capital

Capital required for a business can be classified into two main categories,

1) Fixed Capital

2) Working Capital

Each business needs support for two purposes for its business and to complete its everyday exchanges. Long terms reserves are required to make creation offices through the buy of settled resources, for example, arrive, building, furniture, and so on. Interests in these benefits speak to that piece of association’s capital which is obstructed on the steady or settled premise and is called settled capital. Assets are additionally required for here and now gets ready for the buy of crude material, installment of wages and one more day-to-day costs, and so on.

These assets are known as working capital. In basic words, working capital alludes to that piece of the association’s benefits which is required for financing here and now or current resources, for example, money, attractive securities, indebted individuals and inventories. Assets, consequently, put resources into current resources continue spinning quick and are being changed over persistently into money and this trade stream out again out trade for other current resources. Consequently, it is otherwise called turning or coursing capital or here and now capital.




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