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Objectives and importance

Employee Satisfaction is a combination of emotional, physiological and circumstances, circumstances that cause a person to say “I am satisfied with my job”. Some of the definitions of Employee Satisfaction:

1. Employee satisfaction is a set of favorable or unfavorable feelings with which employees view their work.
2. Employee Satisfaction will be as “the amount of overall positive effect that individuals have towards their jobs.

Employee satisfaction is a primary goal of the success of the business. A higher rate of employee satisfaction is directly related to a higher turnover rate. An organization by doing Employee satisfaction they can encourage the employee to achieve high-performance levels and superior business results. Occupied employees will linger with the company, be an advocate for the company and its products and services, and contribute to bottom-line business success. Occupied employees also normally perform better and are more motivated.

Moreover, a research has been proved that motivated and satisfied employees tend to contribute more in terms of organizational productivity and maintaining a commitment to customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is irresistible – and it indeed permeates across the employee-customer boundary, where revenue and brand image are continuously at stake.


Scope of the Study

Our main achievement of Customer Satisfaction program is to measure the effectiveness of the subsystem that is realized in different functional departments.

Why Measure Employee Satisfaction
A company feels itself as strong and successful as its members and its employees, are. By measuring employee satisfaction in key areas, organizations can gain the information needed to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

Employees aren’t satisfied with their jobs are very likely to leave. If they don’t leave, they can become a source of bad morale and do a great deal of harm in the organization. In many cases, employers without proper data will assume the wrong reasons for employee dissatisfaction.

“That money is the top reason for leaving a job. Wouldn’t it be better to have real data and react accordingly?”


Employee satisfaction is the activity that used to describe whether our employees are happy and contented and fulfilling their desires and needs at work. The employee satisfaction leads to the factor in the employee become motivation, employee goal achievement, and positive employee morale in the workplace.

Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their jobs and working environment. Morality function is the most common function that workers can be of extraordinary benefit to any company, as happy workers will be more likely to produce more, take fewer days off, and stay loyal to the company.



There are many factors in improving or maintaining high employee satisfaction, which wise employers would do well to implement.

Employees and various aspects of Employees like:

Identifying Employees’ attitudes towards various attributes at the workplace.

This study gives us an insight of how Employees see and perceive about the organization.

Interpersonal relations, Opportunities for career growth, Compensation and benefits, Training and development, Working conditions, Communications,


Satisfaction of Employee means that an employee may be the fulfillment of their needs, desires, and wants. It can be experienced at various levels or degrees. Most favorable factors for any employee satisfaction are physical, security, social and egoistic needs which satisfy individual’s psychosomatic.

1. Physical and Security need: This relates to satisfaction of Human body function like thirst, hunger, shelter as well as to be secure in the employment.

2. Social Need: We think that human beings are dependent on each other. There are some needs which can be satisfied only when the individual is recognized by other people.

3. Egoistic Need: This relates to man desire to man’s desire to be dependent to do things on his own end to a sense of accomplishment.


For a successful function of employee satisfaction with the following recommendations should be taken into consideration:-

The Unionization activity should be avoided.
The communication between subordinates and superiors must be improved.
Cooperation between different departments must be there.
It must have to have the higher educated employees for the promotion to their prospective levels.
It must have to provide a better work-life balance.

Method to Understand the Employees Satisfaction.

How to understand their employees? How do they know what employees want? How do they map their satisfaction levels?

There are many ways of mapping employee satisfaction.

Surveys: There is a traditional method that involves employees’ participation. Employers create polls that have questions on the different parameters related to the organization. They put forth questions in such a way that every aspect of an organization is touched and the feedback is returned in the form of an opinion given by each employee. This helps employers understand how employees think and their satisfaction levels, and paves the path for problem-solving. These surveys can actually identify problem areas and help come up with solutions to solve the problems. They reveal the employee attitude on the whole.

One-on-One Interviews: A non-conventional tool, this involves discussions with every employee on a one-to-one basis every few months. Their thoughts are recorded and trouble parameters identified and taken care of.


Exit Interviews: This comes into action after an employee submits his resignation papers. The problem with exit interviews is that most employees, once they decide to leave, are not forthright. In an attempt to keep good relations with the employer, they usually do not tell-all as they ought to. Many of them, in fact, give personal reasons for leaving and make the employer feel that all is well on the work front.


All organization has its strong-willed and efficient manpower can always hope to reach the zenith of success. Only for this purpose the needs and wants of an employee are needed to fulfill for which the employees’ performance must be effective.

We conducting a survey of executives and non-executives. By this survey analysis, it reveals that the executives are not highly satisfied, but some extent satisfied with the policies and procedures provided by the organization. The non-executives are satisfied with the job profile, working environment, pay scale provided to them.

The Majority of employees feels that they have a high level of job security and as such, they want to continue their services.
The employees at the depot are satisfied with the training provided to them and also with the working environment.


Large numbers of employees say that they are provided by LTC and also accident insurance is provided to 100%. The children education facilities, canteen, and refreshment facilities are also provided to the employees to the maximum sufficient level.

Almost employees are satisfied with the salary paid to them towards the job performed.

Employees can securely contribute to an organization’s success by having a customer-eccentric approach in their work and in their work-related interactions. This is possible only when the Employees are satisfied.
The employees think about their job not only have an impact on their work experience, but also on tangible business outcomes such as customer satisfaction, sales, and profit.
The employees in the organization are placed in the right position with the right pay.

Because of the implications for profitability and growth, customer satisfaction is conceivably one of the most powerful weapons that companies can employ in their fight to gain a strategic advantage and survive in today’s ever-increasing competitive environment.

In a business environment that requires employees who are flexible, creative, and willing to take risks, it is necessary to find ways to help employees feel fulfilled and empowered in their work.

Employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction. When Employees are happy, they treat external customers well. Customers will keep coming back for more. This grows the relationship and leads to customer loyalty.


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