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Portfolio Management Services MBA Project Report

This plan report provides information about Portfolio Management Services, procedure of Portfolio Management speed of Services, Quality & flexibility of services, Service charges, Track record of the corporation, smallest amount interest necessary, Database & computerization, study division, Reporting, Networking, and Simplicity of procedures Broker card.

Portfolio Management Services MBA Project Report 

Introduction:- Portfolio Management is a science for managing the different combination of Portfolio elements. These elements are the sub-components, of which the more significant portfolio is made; say, the components may be ‘plans’ for a portfolio of plans, or ‘strategies’ for portfolio of strategies, or ‘securities’ for a portfolio of securities, and so on. In general, we may say that the elements of a portfolio are different forms of assets and in essence, portfolio management is managing these assets. We shall henceforth refer to portfolio management as the management of these assets. In particular, the scope of this report has been focused on handling and discussing ‘securities’ as the typical sub-component of portfolio of assets.


The objectives of the project report are:

-To find out the information level of Investors about different parameters of Portfolio Management Schemes. Mainly, the rate of return to the investor.

-To investigate and determine the various policies and practice adopted by the institution offering Portfolio Management Services and the resultant comfort level of investors.

Table of Contents of Project Report:

Preface/ Summary of the Project


Chapter 1: Introduction

1. The Project

1.i Portfolio Management Services – Problem Statement in brief

1.ii What contribution it will make & to whom

1.iii Background of Company in brief

2. Introduction to Portfolio Management Services

3. Properties of the Portfolio Management Services

– Promptness of Services
– Quality & versatility of services
– Service charges
– Track record of the company
– Minimum interest required
– Database & computerization
– Research division
– Reporting
– Networking
– Simplicity of procedures
– Broker card

4. Process of Portfolio Management

4.i Investors Objectives

4.ii Stability of Principal

4.iii Growth of Income

4.iv Capital Appreciation

4.v Investment Possibilities Risk Involved Equities Diversifiable risk Non-Diversifiable Risk Bonds Default Risk

5. Techniques of Portfolio Management

5.i Equity portfolio

5.ii Equity Stock analysis

Chapter 2 Objectives & Scope

Chapter 3 Methodology

Primary Data
Secondary Data

Chapter 4 Data Collection

4.i. Primary Data Collection

4.i.1. Questionnaire

4.i.2. Structured Interview

Table 4.i.3 Summary of Responses from Investors

Table 4.i.4 Summary of Response from Brokers/Sub-Brokers

4.i.5 Investors Data Collection – Personal Particulars

4.i.6 Investors Data Collection – Main Questionnaire

4.i.7 Brokers/Sub-Brokers Data Collection Personal Particulars

4.i.8 Brokers/Sub-Brokers – Data Collection Main Questionnaire

4.ii. Structured Interview – Investors

4.iii Structured Interview – Brokers/Sub-Brokers

4.iv Secondary Data Collection

Chapter 5 Data Analysis

Chapter 6 Findings

Chapter 7 Recommendations

Chapter 8 Limitations

Chapter 9 Conclusion

Appendix: Secondary Data

Appendix: Bibliography/ References

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