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Radar Bullets for Mine Detection


Now a day in locations like Afghanistan and Iraq we realize that landmines are inflicting extreme threat to the lives of civilians. The mines which are implanted for the duration of the wartime may stay undetected for numerous a long time and can be activated after that. Also during wartime mines implanted with the aid of our enemy nations are to be detected and diffused nicely as a way to store the lives of our soldiers. So we must say that detecting landmines is essential for every country today.



The international locations acknowledged having extreme landmine troubles are Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Iraq, Kuwait, Laos, Egypt, Eritrea, Chevalier, China. Unfortunately India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Myanmar are on the listing of less mine-affected nations except for 100 other international locations.


The reason for a landmine is to disable, immobilize or kill. It is an explosive device activated both by way of someone or car or through a command detonated through electric wire or radio indicators. Most landmines are laid simply on the surface of the ground and are activated via pressure or ride-cord. Normally, most of the land mines will contain many metallic parts, which can be made use of in their detection.

Anti-personal mines claim 70 new victims every day. This weapon is mainly cruel on children whose bodies were smaller and closer to the blast are more likely to sustain serious injury. The severe disabilities and psychological traumas that follow the explosion- means these children will be taken care of for many several years.

A child injured at his age of 10 will want approximately 25 critical limbs throughout there lifetime. This cost in 3000 Dollars a considerable sum to pay in countries where people earn as little as 10 dollars a month. Between 1979 of 1996 the red crore fitted over 70,000 amputees with critical limbs and the landmine problem is still growing. Therefore considering these factors, the discovery of radar bullet is a big boost to our world as we launch to the 21st century.


The radar bullet is a particular type of shot. The primary use of radar bullet is to find landmines without setting foot on the ground. The consists of firing a specific ball into the ground from a helicopter, which could pinpoint hidden land mines.

The bullet units a radar pulse because it grounds to a halt. This pulse moves the mine, and its photo gets to be had at the pc in the helicopter, presenting a safe and green way of locating landmines.


Radar is Radio detection and ranging. Radar, The detector is a sensor. Radar makes use of radio waves to detect and locate objects. The reason is to provide estimates of specific characteristics of its surroundings most commonly the presence, position and motion of aircraft, ships and other vehicles.

Radar operates with the support of transmitting electromagnetic energy into the environment and detecting power meditated through the item. If the directive antenna transmits a narrow beam of this strength, the course from which reflections come, and consequently the bearing of the object can be predicted. The distance to the reflecting item within calculated by using measuring the length of the transmission of the radar pulse and reception of the echo. In radar bullet principle the alternate of the medium by way of the waves must be considered.

Radars have from principal parts, the transmitter antenna receiver, and display.

The transmitter will transmit an electromagnetic signal through the antenna, which will hit the target and reflects back. The same antenna and the time difference between the signal transmission and reception are calculated, with the intention to assist up to measure the space of the target from the radar.


First of all a particular shot in fired downward into the ground, from a gun mounted on a helicopter flying about a hundred m above the floor. The shooting is designed in this kind of manner that it gives out a forceful blast of radio waves from under the floor. The bullet will produce a pulse of radio waves because it pierces the floor and signal are meditated from any landmines within about a fifteen-meter radius could be detected through an antenna on the helicopter.

Once the mines are positioned, they can be destroyed at once, or their actual function is noted so they may be killed right now on their whole places are pointed out so that may be diploid later. And if the bullet hits it, it might explode.

The Radar pulse is generated from the bullets kinetic strength with the aid of a system called, “Magnetic flux compression.”


Inside the bullet is a steel cylinder, surrounded by a tightly wounded coil cord. As the round leaves the gun, there is a battery generating a magnetic field in the barrel. When the shot smashes into the ground, the sudden deceleration forces the barrel out from inside the coil. The immediate action of the metal cylinder through the magnetic field induces a large pulse of current in the coil. The loop thus acts like an antenna converting the pulse into a short burst of high-frequency radiation


After the laboratory assessments, tests had been executed on the Arizona barren region. Using the same experiment set up, the radar bullet as able to identify 35 cm anti-tank mines and Val Mara 69 anti-personal mines, which are a selective problem in northern Iraq, wherein the mines had been laid by way of Saddam Hussein’s forces in their war of words with the Kurds



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