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Auto Braking System



Design the automatic braking system for avoiding the accident



This project is necessary to be attached to every vehicle. Mainly it is used when to driving the cars in the night time. Mostly the accident occurred in the night time due to long travel the driver may get tired. So the driver may hit the front side vehicle or road side trees. By using this project, the car is stopped by the auto braking system. So we can avoid the accident.


Brief Methodology:

Its designed with the help of a microcontroller, Receiver, Signal conditioning unit, Ultrasonic Transmitter, Analog to Digital converter, Driver Circuit and Mechanical arrangement.

The oscillator circuit generates a 40KHZ frequency signal. It transmitted through the ultrasonic transmitter. The ultrasonic receiver is used to receive the reflected wave due to in front of the vehicle. Then the reflected wave is given to signal conditioning unit in which the incoming stream amplified and converted into a square pulse. Then the rectangular pulse is provided to ADC. Depends upon the distance the reflected wave strength is varied.

ADC is nothing but analogue to digital converter, which converts the input analogue signal into the corresponding and digital signal. This digital signal is provided to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller may PIC or Atmel both are flash type reprogrammable microcontroller in which we have now drafted. When it gets the signal from ADC displayed on the LCD.

This is equal to the distance between the vehicle and front side object. The next object vehicle, trees or road barriers. The nearest critical distance value already stored in the microcontroller.

When measured distance has reached this value, microcontroller automatically activates the relay driver circuit. The relay output directly linked with the mechanical arrangement. Through this automated mechanism, braking is provided, and vehicle is stopped to avoid the accident


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