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LDR Investigatory Project (Photoresistor) No ratings yet.

 LDR Investigatory Project (Photoresistor)     Synopsis A Photoresistor or light-weight dependent electrical device (LDR) could be an electrical device whose resistance decreases with increasing incident intensity level. It also can be cited as a photo conductor or CDs device, that is that the material from that the device is created which truly exhibits the […]

Investigate between Output and Input Voltage 4/5 (1)

Investigate between Output and Input Voltage   Abstract The aim is to research the relation between: i) output and input voltage ii) range of turns within the secondary and first coil of a self-designed electrical device A electrical device is AN device that is employed for dynamical the A.C. voltages.   An electrical device is […]

Cold Nuclear Fusion No ratings yet.

Cold Nuclear Fusion What are Nuclear Fusion Particles (not rays) originating space constantly bombarding Earth’s atmosphere Protons, electrons, neutrinos, or atomic nuclei It may be occurs during Radiation Sources: Rotating neutron stars, supernovae, and black holes Solar, Galactic, Extra galactic, Ultra-High- Energy, and Anomalous Objective: The objective was to check if I may produce AN […]

At Higher Altitudes Cosmic Rays No ratings yet.

At Higher Altitudes Cosmic Rays Summary The Objective: the aim of my experiment is to seek out if there square measure additional cosmic rays at higher altitudes than at lower altitudes. I think that there square measure aiming to be additional cosmic rays at higher altitudes thanks to the agent layer of the atmosphere. For […]

Photoelectrochemical Cell 4/5 (1)

Photoelectrochemical Cell   Objective Emissions from fossil fuels significantly diminish air quality and the greenhouse gasses they release are a leading factor in global warming. Direct solar energy has not proven reliable to replace fossil fuels because the sun is not always out. Solar produced hydrogen is a storable, sustainable, green energy solution. The light […]

Working of Transformer No ratings yet.

Transformer   What is an Electric Transformer? A transformer is a device that converts AC to DC reciprocal or it may be a tool that consists of one, two or more winding’s that are magnetically coupled and electrically separated with or except a magnetic core. It transfers the electrically powered electricity from one circuit to […]

Function of Zener Diode in Voltage Regulator No ratings yet.

Function of Zener Diode in Voltage Regulator   Abstract The strength property which we use may not be capable to grant us normal voltage. This may moreover have an effect on the proper functioning of the digital tool. The Zener diode is a unique sort of diode having a sharp reduce off voltage for the […]

Evaporation Sensation Project No ratings yet.

Evaporation Sensation Project   Abstract The Objective: This project investigates the effect of incandescent mild bulb color upon the evaporating rate of rubbing alcohol. In my experiment, I took an incandescent light bulb, became it on, dropped one drop of rubbing alcohol close to the bulb, and found the time required to evaporate the drop […]

Solar Cells No ratings yet.

Solar Cells   Abstract The Objective: The objective of the undertaking is to determine if dye-sensitized sun cells that enforce berry pigments absorb greater sun electricity than dye-sensitized solar cells that put into effect leaf pigments.   Methods/Materials Eight dye-sensitized solar cells had been made, implementing raspberry pigments, two implementing blueberry pigments, imposing blackberries, and […]

Sink or Float No ratings yet.

Sink or Float   Abstract The Objective: The goal of this mission is to decide the specified salt awareness to make an item of various weights drift in three different fluids: faucet water, distilled white vinegar, and seven Up. The intention is to demonstrate Archimedes’s principle through showing the effect of salt awareness on fluid […]

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